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Application of DNA molecular markers in the study of plant PDF Download

Application of DNA molecular markers in the study of plant PDF Download

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Chemical Industry Press  Zhou Yanqing  
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The first chapter of DNA molecular marker technology introduction 
, DNA molecular marker development history of
two, DNA molecular markers characteristic of
three, DNA molecular markers
four, DNA Molecular Marker Polymorphism of the molecular basis of
five, DNA molecular marker technology application of
second chapter of plant DNA extraction and detection of
section of plant DNA extraction method for
a, plant tissue and organ of DNA extraction method for
two, plant organelle DNA extraction method for
three, plant tissue and cell to share DNA extraction method -- CsCl density gradient ultracentrifugation method for extracting DNA
second plant DNA quantification and purity determination of
, purple the spectral analysis of
two, EB
three fluorescence analysis, agarose gel electrophoresis analysis of
five, two fluorescent determination of aniline colorimetric method for the determination of the content of DNA
chapter third restriction fragment length polymorphism markers
section RFLP marker technology principle and operation of
, RFLP markers the principle of
two, RFLP marker technology operation steps of
four, operating points of RFLP marker technology characteristics of
second RFLP markers should beWith
, construction of genetic map, gene localization of
three, genetic diversity and genetic relationship of four species of
, germplasm identification and genetic analysis of
chapter fourth random amplified polymorphic DNA markers and arbitrary PCR markers
first section by randomly amplified polymorphic DNA markers
, introduction
two, RAPD marker technology concept and principle of
three, RAPD marker technology characteristics of
four, RAPD markers, RAPD markers
five into SCAR markers
six, RAPD marker technology application in section second of
arbitrarily primed PCR markers
, AP, two? PCR markers the concept and principle of
three, AP? PCR marker technology characteristics of
four, AP? PCR technique steps
five, AP? PCR technique application references

fifth chapter simply repeat markers and simple sequence repeat
region between markers first simple sequence repeat markers
one, foreword
two, SSR marker technology concept and principle of
three, SSR marker technology characteristics of
four, SSR marker technique steps
five, SSR labeling technique inBean research in the application of
second simple sequence repeat region markers
, two, ISSR marker technology principle of
three, ISSR marker technology characteristics of
four, ISSR marker technique steps
five, ISSR marker technology application of
chapter sixth amplified fragment length polymorphism markers technology of
section amplified fragment length polymorphism markers of the principle of
two, AFLP marker technology, the principle of
second AFLP markers characteristic of
, AFLP marker technology advantages of
two, AFLP labeling technique compared with the
third AFLP markers, AFLP markers
the key of
two, AFLP marker technology core reagent and primer
three, AFLP marker technology operation steps of
four, AFLP marker technology considerations for
fourth AFLP marker technology development
, restriction enzyme combinations of
two and AFLP
three polymorphism detection method, based on AFLP marker RNA the development of
fingerprint of fifth AFLP markers using
, the construction of genetic linkage map of
two, phylogenetic relationship and genetic diversity of three < br>, This book focuses on the RAPD, RFLP, SCAR, AFLP, SSR, AP? PCR, ISSR, EST, SNP, STS, RBM, SRAP and TRAP DNA molecular marker technology concepts, principles, processes, advantages and disadvantages, operation points, and they are in botany research in genetic linkage map construction, genetic diversity analysis, germplasm identification, gene location, genetic relationship analysis, gender identification, gene cloning, gene expression and molecular marker assisted selection breeding and application.Introduced the plant genome DNA, mitochondrial DNA and chloroplast DNA extraction and purification, detection method and operation points, covering the latest research results and examples related field.
this book emphasizes the basic theory and practical technology, illustrated; pay attention to scientific language and popular, advanced knowledge and systematic; embodies the innovative content, comprehensive information, life science and its various branches of science overlapping and fusion characteristics.But for College of biological science, biotechnology, molecular biology, genetics, molecular ecology and evolution, cell biology and other professional teachers and students, scientific and technical personnel, high school biology teachers and administrators use and reference.
in recent years, the rapid development of molecular biology to the research of life science has produced many new areas and advanced and effective technical method.DNA molecular marker technology is one of them.It has existed only more than ten years, has made great achievements in basic theory and practical applications, and is still in development.Development and application of research can be expected to be the future of DNA molecular marker technique to the field of life bring great changes.
because of the teaching and experiment research needs, the author consulted and collected a large number of DNA molecular marker technology of information, the application of RAPD and ISSR markers.At the same time, the author and colleagues found that these materials are scattered or in one of the form appears in the life science and related books, but the lack of specialized system on DNA molecular marker technology works, to understand, learn and research with great inconvenience and difficulties using DNA molecular marker technology personnel.Therefore, the author in the support and help of experts, based on actual himself, to compile a DNA molecular marker technology books, to sum up my years of teaching and research work at the same time, the development of this field to contribute.Compared to the existing
book on the market and the use of a wide range,, suitable for readers, not just confined to the systematic and evolutionary botany or plant molecular marker assisted breeding areas, all branches but apply to the entire plant range, and is suitable for students of related disciplines, teachers, scientists and management reading.Research of each chapter the basic principle, method and operation points, also suitable for life in all subject areas.At the same time, principle, method and application as well as the example, content arrangement reasonable, compact structure, easy to integration of theory and practice, even beginners can also according to its operation experiment.Therefore, technology is convenient in this book use, strong operability; contains not only the types of DNA molecular markers in common, is written in SNP, EST and target region amplified polymorphism markers.The book combines teaching and research work of the author, cited the relevant research results and examples; at the same time the section analysis the researcher Wang Na, Tana Nae and Niu Jingyuan to participate in the completion of the soybean, rehmannia and yam RAPD and ISSR marker results income book.This book will write the related references of attached to the chapter, the convenience of the reader to further consult.
in the process of writing this book, by doctoral tutor Professor Jia Jingfen guidance, encouragement and support, the biological technology of Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of teachers and students, as well as help Huamei biological engineering post-doctoral workstation staff and postgraduate students.In addition, the book made reference to related chart of some publications, here together to peers and reference information about the author expressed heartfelt thanks!
due to the limited level of the author, writing exists inevitably omissions and deficiencies in the draft, I sincerely hope the readers, expert criticism, suggestions.
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