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Colour atlas of animal anatomy PDF Download

Colour atlas of animal anatomy PDF Download

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Anhui science and Technology Press  Wang Huixiang  
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two The animal dissection color maps to cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, rats of each system anatomy pictures as the main content, there are color picture 414.These pictures were taken for the entity, its bright color, vivid, intuitive image, system to reveal the morphology and position of each organ of animal.Study for the convenience of readers, the book also is equipped with the necessary text.
book can be used as a supplementary teaching materials of animal husbandry and veterinary majors, but also to meet the animal husbandry and veterinary workers, human medical workers, hospitals and animal experimental animal workers learning, reference.
book in the authoring process, has been closely with strong support from all walks of life and all the editors.In particular, Professor Zhou Haoliang of Nanjing Agricultural University School of Medicine animal has given strong support to write this book.I also extend my sincere thanks!
because the time is hasty, the level is limited, omissions and errors in the book, please wide readership to give valuable advice for the future, revised edition.
Catalog Index
The first chapter of Livestock Anatomy colour atlas of 
, bone

horse pig sheep bone bone
joint muscle bovine muscle
pig muscle
sheep muscle
four, digestive system digestive system of

cattle pigs sheep digestive system digestive system of

horse digestive system
five, respiratory system
bovine respiratory
swine respiratory
sheep respiratory
equine respiratory system, genitourinary system
bovine urinary genital system
pigs genitourinary
sheep urogenital
urinary reproductive system, cardiovascular system,
bovine vascular system
porcine cardiovascular system
sheep heart blood vessel system
mould specimen
eight, lymphoid
bovine lymphoid
pig lymphoid
sheep, horse lymphoid
nine, neuroendocrine system
endocrine system

second chapter sensory organ anatomy colour atlas of
, chicken, duck, goose,

third chapters of dogs and cats, colour atlas of anatomy

, two, a dog cat

fourth chapter rabbit, mouse anatomical colour atlas of
, rabbits, mice
The first chapter of Livestock Anatomy colour atlas of 
, bone
bone formation of support object rugged, it is to maintain the body, protection of organs and body weight support; muscle attached to the bone, muscle contraction of skeletal traction with position change, resulting in movement of each joint.
animal body every piece of bone has a certain shape and function, but also a complex organ.Bone is mainly composed of bone tissue, hard and flexible, and is rich in blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerves, with the new supersedes the old. And growth characteristics, have the ability to regenerate.Bone calcium, phosphorus storage place, can participate in the body of calcium, phosphorus metabolism, maintain the metabolic balance.
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