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Molecular biology: Fourth Edition PDF Download

Molecular biology: Fourth Edition PDF Download

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Science Press  Wqeaver R.F.  
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Molecular biology: Fourth Edition is the life science related professional undergraduate students, graduate students and engaged in the book a rare reference of the scientific research, the teaching staff.Molecular biology is a new subject of experimental development of life science in the strong.The famous American molecular biologist Robert F.Weaver follow the characteristics of the development of this subject, in 1999 published the first edition of the Molecular Biology book.The book is based on the original research papers, through the analysis of design of experiment, the results and gradually expand the theory of molecular biology about.Language fluent.Narrative from the shallower to the deeper.With the rapid development of science, Molecular Biology was revised reprint of the fourth edition with introduction, molecular biology methods, prokaryotic, eukaryotic transcription, post-transcriptional processing, translation, DNA replication, recombination and transposition.As well as genomics, 8 parts of 24 chapters, the book is a glossary.Each of the chapters in order to put forward the scientific question, launches the research process, in order to provide thinking exercises, recommended reading literature, theory about logic, the extraction process is clear, distinct features, detailed, illustrated, easy and easy to read.
Catalog Index
The translator preface 

thanks to the molecular characterization of
3 gene of

second part of molecular biology methods of
experimental technique of molecular biology catalog
first part of the introduction of
1 molecular biology of
2 gene of
4 molecular cloning of
5 gene and study method for active molecular tools

third part of prokaryotic transcription of
6 bacterial transcription device:
7 operon in bacteria the fine regulation of
8 transcription bacterial transcription mechanism mainly to change the DNA-
9 bacterial protein interactions of

fourth part of eukaryotic transcription
10 eukaryotic RNA polymerase and
11 promoter in eukaryotes general transcription factor
12 eukaryotic transcription factor
13 chromatin structure and gene transcription effect of

fifth part
14 mRNA processing of Rong after processing: splicing of
15 mRNA processing II: capped and polyadenylated
16 other RNA process of

17 protein translation mechanism I: initial
18 protein translation mechanism II: extension and termination of
19 ribosomes and transfer part of RNA

seventh DNA replication, heavy group andTransposon
20 DNA replication: basic mechanisms and enzymology of
21 replication of DNA II: detailed mechanism of
22 homologous recombination
23 transposon

eighth parts of the genome
24 of genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics of
molecular biology glossary references

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