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Transgenic animal Technology Handbook PDF Download

Transgenic animal Technology Handbook PDF Download

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database and cyber source 
Appendix 6 poultry database and cyber source
Appendix 7 fish Transgenic animal technology and functional gene into animal technique is a powerful tool for the analysis of complex biological processes, which solves the problem across the biomedical, biological applications and agricultural production areas of science.The first edition of the Handbook of
original is the world's first book written by the world famous Laboratory Animal Transgenic Technology Handbook, illustrated introduction to a variety of important laboratory animal and domestic animal species gene transfer technology, this method is the leading global laboratory method.This manual for the second edition, new edition to the first edition was updated content increased 80%, widely used in animal model systems in gene engineering techniques such as microinjection, ES cell nuclear transfer.In order to enable readers to get more information and convenience in research, this manual also comprehensively provides database in the transgenic animal technology and cyber source, and naming of the transgenic animal is described in detail.The
handbook can be used as a desk guide engaged in biotechnology research animal subjects, at the same time as the technical staff, senior undergraduate and postgraduate training books.
Catalog Index
The first part summarizes the application of 
1 transgenic animal technology introduction
1.3 book, history and overview of
second part of the transgenic animal model in mice to produce
2 DNA microinjection and transgenic animal production
2.1 introduction < br>2.2 general method of
2.3 summary
3 effects of transgenic animal production
3.1 introduction
3.2 preparation
3.3 troubleshooting
3.4 transgenic phenomenological
3.5 summary
Acknowledgements References

4 embryonic stem cell gene targeting: 1.
4.1 history and method of embryo stem cells of embryonic stem cell gene targeting

4.3 method for
5 embryonic stem cell gene targeting: a brief history of
5.3 Cre/ loxP II. Systematic review, establishment and test of
5.4 Cre/loxP and
5.6 transgenic model method summary
Acknowledgements References

6 retrovirus mediated gene transfer of
6.1 introduction and discussion of
7 nuclear transplantation < br>7.1 conditional
5.1 introduction
5.2 conditional modelIntroduction and discussion of
7.2 materials and equipment of
7.3 micro tool preparation
7.4 preimplantation SCNT
7.5 embryonic stem cells and somatic cell nuclear transfer
Acknowledgements References

third part of the experiment and domestic transgenic species
8 transgenic rats,
8.2 rats
8.1 the importance of
8.3 transgenic rats effect of
8.4 make
8.5 conclusion
9 transgenic rabbit production
9.1 transgenic rabbits by application of
9.2 transgenic experiment of rabbit embryo manipulation of
9.3 material and method references

10 transgenic fish production of
10.2, discuss
10.3 gene transfer methods
10.4 transgenic lineages of the establishment and maintenance of
10.5 transgenic fish care and contain
10.6 of transgenic fish future
Acknowledgements References

11 transgenic poultry production
11.1 introduction and discussion of
summary of reference
12 by DNA microinjection transgenic porcine
12.1 introduction and discussion of the
12.2 method of
12.3 transgenic pigs in addition method
12.4 summary
13By DNA microinjection to generate transgenic animal
13.1 introduction
13.2 for microinjection zygotes produced
13.3 ruminant animal zygote microinjection of
13.4 microinjected embryos transplant
13.5 application fields and prospects of
Acknowledgements References

14 transgenic non-human primates, and discuss the method of making
summary acknowledgment
15 cattle, sheep and porcine nuclear transfer technique,

summed up the general method for reference
fourth part of molecular biology, analysis and implementation of
16 transgenic expression vector
16.1 introduction
16.2 transcription region of
16.3 promoter
16.4 boundary zone
16.5 conclusion and Prospect of
Acknowledgements References

17 transgene integration analysis of
17.2 transgenic detection of < br>17.3 transgenic evaluation parameters of
17.4 transgenic analysis of
17.5 transgenic lineages established
17.6 homozygous mice derived
17.7 summary
18 transgene integration detection method for optimizing
18.2 PCR,
and Kao Wen discussion summary Database and cyber source
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