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Natural products chemistry PDF Download

Natural products chemistry PDF Download

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Chemical Industry Press  Li Bingqi, Ma Yanmei  
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Natural products chemistry according to the editor's years of work experience, and with reference to the relevant literature at home and abroad, explain profound theories in simple language to introduced the basic knowledge of natural product chemistry, extraction, isolation and identification methods including active component, structure, properties, methods of extraction and separation and physiological important natural active ingredients, but also to our country especially the research of distribution, 12 kinds of characteristic of medicinal plants in Northwest and southwest areas of application, present situation and application prospect is introduced in detail.
natural product chemistry can be used as chemical and related professional senior undergraduate and graduate students, and can also be used in medicine, pesticide, food and other aspects of scientific research, technology development and production workers.
Catalog Index
The first effective components extraction, isolation and identification of 
first chapter classical extraction and separation methods of
section 1 General extraction separation method in section second of
chromatographic separation method
second chapter of modern extraction and separation methods of
the first of the modern
extraction method of section second modern separation method of chapter third of
spectroscopy in natural products research the application of
section of ultraviolet spectroscopy in natural product structure analysis using
second infrared spectroscopy in natural product structure analysis application in section third of
nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in natural product structure analysis application in section fourth of
mass spectrometry in natural product structure analysis using
fifth other
method for the analysis of section sixth studies on the structure-activity relationship of
second important natural products on the
fourth chapter alkaloid
first alkaloid properties and identification of
second alkaloid extraction and separation of
fifth chapter flavonoids
first section structure and classification of
second physicochemical properties and colour reaction of
third flavonoids extraction and the separation of
fourth flavonoid structure identification of
sixth chapter sugar andGlucosidase
section structure and classification of
second sugar and glycoside properties in section third of
sugar chain structure determination of
fourth sugar and glycoside extraction and separation method of
fifth saponins, cyanogenic glycosides and cardiac glycosides
chapter seventh terpenoids and volatile oil
first day of terpenoids structure type
second terpenoid compounds of the physicochemical properties of
third terpenoid extraction and separation of
fourth volatile oil
eighth chapters other natural product
the first section quinone compound
second coumarin compounds
third lignans in section fourth of
carbon aromatic acid phenolic compounds
third characteristics of medicinal plants of

of licorice Cistanche
Xinjiang a Artemisia

Aucklandia lappa

, Appendix F yields a common chemical composition test
appendix two chemical composition detection reagent preparation
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