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Organic chemistry experiment PDF Download

Organic chemistry experiment PDF Download

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Southwest Jiao Tong University press  Ceng Wei  
 Price:20.00 Filesize:21MB Pages:177
The book has the following characteristics: 
general knowledge of organic chemistry experiments are introduced in detail, especially focuses on the organic chemical safety knowledge and organic chemistry experiment commonly used glass instrument and equipment.
has selected 35 typical experiments, experimental procedure is reliable, practical, embodies the concept of environmental protection, with a large number of experimental picture, it can help to enhance the students of the experimental operation impression.
follows the teaching idea of each experimental project, a relatively independent and complete, including the experimental purpose, experimental principle, instrument and reagent, experimental steps, comments and questions etc..Appendix after collecting the use and preservation of physical constants of common organic compounds and hazardous chemicals, easy to access.Use this book to enable students to preview the experiment more convenient, more can cultivate the thinking ability of the students, to achieve the purpose of quality education.
in order to make the experimental teaching from "verification" to "research and design", this book arrangement a comprehensive design experiment, let the students according to the design of these problems independently, teachers are organizers, instructors, students are the center of the learning process., which have beneficial impact on development of the individuality of the students, arouse students learning initiative and enthusiasm.
Catalog Index
Organic chemistry experiment for 
1 experiments in organic chemistry organic chemistry experiment general knowledge of
1.3 organic chemical experimental safety knowledge of organic chemistry experiment of common glass instrument and equipment
1.4 organic commonly used experimental device
1.5 organic chemistry experiment implementation methods < br> 1.6 organic chemistry experiment preparation, record and test report
1.7 yield calculation
2 organic chemistry experiment
basic operation of 2.1 organic compounds for the determination of physical constants
1 Experimental Determination of melting point and boiling point thermometer calibration
Experiment 2 and Experiment 3 was determined by
liquid compound refractive index
Experiment 4 rotation
2.2 liquid organic compounds isolated from
Experiment 5 simple distillation
Experiment 6 simple fractionation of
experiment the 7 reduced-pressure distillation
Experiment 8 steam distillation extraction experiment of
2.3 solid organic compounds isolated from
experiment 10 recrystallization and filtration of
experiment 11 sublimation
2.4 chromatographic separation technology
in experiment 12, experiment 13 paper chromatography column chromatography of

14 thin layer chromatography experiment of
15 gas chromatography
experiment 16 high performance liquid chromatography
3 organic compounds properties experiment
4Machine for extracting
6 compound preparation and reaction of
5 natural product comprehensive design experiment of
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