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Handbook of solvent PDF Download

Handbook of solvent PDF Download

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Chemical Industry Press  Cheng Nenglin  
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Handbook of solvent based on maintaining the original book characters, added 236 and the solvent solvent varieties from the original 760 increased to 996.Also in accordance with the State Council issued in March 15, 2002, the implementation of the dangerous chemicals safety management regulations, the solvent part included in the catalog of hazardous chemicals, toxic chemical directory, high toxic substances in the directory for finishing.The book is divided into two parts: general and the theory of.The five chapter, briefly introduces the concept of comprehensive utilization of solvent, classification, properties, safe use and solvent.The theory is divided into twelve chapters, according to the functional classification is introduced, including hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, alcohols, phenols, ethers and acetals, ketones, acids and anhydrides, esters, nitrogen, sulphur compounds, many functional groups and organic solvents.Focusing on each solvent physicochemical properties, solvent refining method, performance, application and safety precautions, and with the reference data source documents, index and some national standards.
Catalog Index
The first general 
The first chapter is a general overview of the
solvent Dissolved, definition of
dissolution phenomena Method of representing
three, the concentration of the solution. Solubility, solvent
four 1?
dilution ratio method 2?
viscosity method The viscosity of · 3?
; phase diagram 4? Of kauri butanol test
· 5?
aniline point method
Five, classification of solvent
According to the boiling point of 1?
level classification 2?
by evaporation speed classification According to 3?
solvent polarity classification 4?
according to the chemical composition and classification 5 according to the classification of
? According to 6?
solvent use classification
The second chapter solvent properties of

A, solubility Two, the vapor pressure of
Three, azeotropic
Four, melting point, heat of fusion and melting point depression constant
Five, density and relative density of
Six, the refractive index
Seven, the viscosity of
Eight, the surface tension of
Nine, the specific heat
Ten, the critical constants of
Eleven, the heat of combustion and heat of formation of
Twelve, the evaporation speed of
Thirteen, the dielectric constants and dipole moments of
Fourteen, pH value and
Fifteen, expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity of

The third chapter solvent purity and refinement of
A solvent, the purity of
solvent impurities 2?
determination of solvent purity
Two, solvent refining
solvent dehydration 2?
solvent refining method
Safe use and processing of
fourth chapter solvent The basic concepts of
A, dangerous chemicals > two, the hazard of
solvent properties The 2 person to feel the difference?
solvent 3?
the relationship between man and solvent
Classification of toxicity and toxicity of three, solvent method of representing
solvent toxicity 2?
solvent toxicity classification 3? The main toxic organic solvents on the performance of the
4? Toxicity of several representations of

Four, the fire risk of
solvent 1?
solvent fire conditions 2?
solvent ignition of explosive 3? / > note
Five, solvent resistance and
corrosive solvent 2?
corrosive impurities mixed in a solvent 3? Container and device using solvent material selection

The recovery of six, solvent and waste
solvent recovery 2?
waste solvent disposal

the fifth chapter solvent … …
Second articles on the
Table 1 is the boiling point of the solvent
Surface dielectric constant of
2 main solvent. Table 3 the temperature conversion table
Table 4 number of units of measurement conversion table
Table 5 concentration of toxic substances in the air of the representation of
Conversion coefficient table
Odor threshold table 6 material values of
; Table 7 chromatographic solvent
With the same refractive index and the same density of
825 ℃ The solvent
Table 9 gas and vapor concentration limit
Table 10 the Japanese industrial standard
Chinese index

English index Molecular formula index
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