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Alkaloid natural products: Practical Handbook PDF Download

Alkaloid natural products: Practical Handbook PDF Download

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Chemical Industry Press  Yang Xiuwei  
 Price:80.00 Filesize:12.6MB Pages:477
Alkaloids: a practical handbook is a natural product of the utility of natural products in the manual.The alkaloid natural products with biological source diversity, chemical structure and biological activity of diversity diversity characteristic, therefore all over the world pay more attention to the.
alkaloid natural products: practical guide summarizes the results of domestic and foreign natural alkaloids of biological activity, historic, system and advanced in one.The book contains 700 kinds of natural alkaloid, divided into pyrrole alkaloids, tropane alkaloids, piperidine alkaloid, quinoline and quinolone alkaloids, acridone alkaloids, quinazoline alkaloid, imidazole alkaloid, isoquinoline alkaloid, indoles, biological alkali, guanine and xanthine alkaloids, macrocyclic alkaloids, terpenes, alkaloids, steroid alkaloid, organic amine alkaloids more than a dozen categories, each kind of alkaloids including synonyms, under the structure, molecular formula, molecular weight, physicochemical constants and spectral data, sources, analysis methods, biological activity and toxicity, clinical and practical value, the references.
: A Practical Handbook of alkaloid natural products rich in content, the detailed, scientific, it can be used for reference in the study of active natural products and drug development research workers.
Catalog Index
A pyrrole alkaloids 
Aa simple pyrrolidine alkaloid
Ab pyrrolizidine alkaloids pyrrolizidine alkaloid
Ac other tropane alkaloids
C piperidine alkaloid
Ca piperidine and pyridine alkaloid
Cb indolizidine alkaloid
Cc quinolizidine alkaloids
Cd other piperidine alkaloid
D quinoline and quinolone alkaloids
Da simple quinoline alkaloid
Db quinolone alkaloids
E acridone alkaloid
F quinazoline alkaloid
G imidazole alkaloid
H isoquinoline alkaloid
Ha simple isoquinoline alkaloid
Hb benzylisoquinoline alkaloids
Hc phthalide isoquinoline alkaloid
Hd bisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloid
He Apfe alkaloid
Hf protoberberine alkaloid
Hg protopine alkaloid
Hh benzophen anthridine alkaloid
Hi morphine alkaloid
Hj naphthyl isoquinoline alkaloid
Hk other isoquinoline alkaloid
I indole alkaloid
Ia single indole alkaloids
Ib tryptamine indole alkaloid
Ic half terpene indole alkaloids
Id monoterpenoid indole alkaloid
Ie two indole class studentsThe alkaline
J guanine and xanthine alkaloids
K macrocyclic alkaloids
L terpenoid alkaloid
La monoterpene alkaloids
Lb sesquiterpene alkaloids
Lc two terpenoid alkaloid
Ld three terpenoid alkaloid
M steroidal alkaloids pregnant
Ma steroidal alkaloid
Mb ring pregnane alkaloids
Mc cholestane
Md isosteroidal alkaloids body alkaloid
N organic amine alkaloids
Na primary amine alkaloid
Nb secondary amine alkaloid
Nc tertiary amine alkaloid
Nd quaternary ammonium salt alkaloid
Ne guanidine alkaloid
Nf thiocyanate alkaloid
Ng amide alkaloid
Nh nitro
Ni from other organic amine alkaloids
O other alkaloids
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