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Chemistry of alkaloids PDF Download

Chemistry of alkaloids PDF Download

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Chemical Industry Press  Wang Fengpeng  
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This book is dozens of engaging in science and research of alkaloids in front-line workers based on many years of work experience, combined with the literature review, experience and rule of highly refined, summarized the.This book to biogenetic relationship alkaloid combined with chemical classification, the alkaloids are divided into 25 categories, such as: pyrrole, tropane, pyrrole Lixiding, piperidines, Lycopodium alkaloids, indole Lixiding class, class, Kuinuolixiding acridone, amphetamines, four hydrogen isoquinoline, emetine, quinoline, peptides, alkaloids, terpenes, and from simple to complex, respectively.
for each alkaloid, respectively introduced the relationship between them and the structure classification, spectral characteristics and structure determination, physicochemical properties and the chemical reaction, structure-activity relationship and structure modification, chemical synthesis, biological activity and application.
main readers book for research in natural product chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, organic chemistry and other related professional students, teachers and researchers.
Catalog Index
First chapter overview of 
1.2 alkaloid biosynthesis is the basic principle of
1.3 alkaloid extraction and separation of
1.4 alkaloids structure classification of

chapter second pyrrole alkaloids
2.1 overview of
2.2 structure classification and distribution of
2.3 structure determination and spectral characteristics of
2.4 chemical synthesis of
2.5 biological activity and application of
third chapter tropane alkaloids
fourth chapter of pyrrolizidine alkaloid
using the fifth chapter piperidine alkaloid
sixth chapter Lycopodium alkaloids
seventh chapters of indole alkaloids in cefoxitin < br> eighth chapter cefquinome in cefoxitin alkaloid
ninth chapter acridone alkaloid
chapter tenth amphetamine alkaloids
chapter eleventh benzyl four hydrogen isoquinoline alkaloid
twelfth chapter four phenyl ethyl hydrogen isoquinoline alkaloid
thirteenth chapter n-benzylphenethylamine alkaloid
fourteenth chapter ipecacuanha alkaloids
fifteenth β - Kabolin alkaloid
chapter sixteenth sesquiterpene indole alkaloids
seventeenth chapter monoterpenoid indole alkaloid
eighteenth chapter quinoline alkaloid
peptide alkaloid
nineteenth chapter twentieth chapter monoterpene
twenty-first chapter sesquiterpene alkaloids
twenty-secondChapter two diterpenoid alkaloids
twenty-third chapter three diterpenoid alkaloids
twenty-fourth chapter pregnane alkaloids
twenty-fifth chapter ring pregnane alkaloids
twenty-sixth chapter cholestane alkaloid
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