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Basic environmental technology: water supply, waste management and pollution control PDF Download

Basic environmental technology: water supply, waste management and pollution control PDF Download

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Tsinghua University press  Nathanson rhythm  
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Basic environmental technology: water supply, waste management and pollution control technology for the United States Environmental Engineering and related professional teaching materials, the main contents include city water supply and drainage, waste management and pollution control.The prominent practice content, introduce the relevant professional knowledge heuristic teaching mode.The main line for the history and the present situation of legal regulations -- -- pollution control technology, vivid content, with pictures.To tie in with the teaching contents of the book, each chapter provides a lot of questions and exercises, at the same time, the chapter also provides related web sites a lot, these for readers to review and provide a great convenience to expand learning.
environmental technology: water supply, waste management and pollution control of the main target audience is the environmental engineering, civil engineering and other related disciplines personnel.The contents of the book is suitable for learning undergraduate practical engineering knowledge, but also applicable to want to expand the environmental protection and public health protection professionals.Basic environmental technology: waste management and pollution control, water supply, can also be used as a professional and technical personnel and other professional environmental aspects of the work to be engaged in the reference and learning.
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the first chapter introduces the basic concepts of
1.1 environmental technology of
1.2 public health
1.3 ecology
1.4 geology and soil
1.5 history

second chapter review questions hydraulics
2.1 pressure
2.2 flow
2.3 pressure flow
2.4 pipeline gravity flow
2.5 non-uniform open channel flow of
2.6 computer in the application of
2.7 related web site

third chapter hydrology
3.1 water use and availability of
3.4 surface water hydrologic cycle of precipitation
3.5 arid
3.6 reservoir
3.7 groundwater
3.8 related web sites

fourth chapter water
4.1 chemical basic concepts of
4.2 water physical parameters of
4.3 water quality chemical parameters of
4.4 water quality biological parameters the
4.5 sample collection

fifth chapter of water pollution
5.1 classification of water pollutants
5.3 thermal pollution of soil erosion and sediment control of
5.4 pollution of the river
5.7 lake pollution of groundwater pollution of marine pollution
5.8 water quality standard
5.9Clean water action plan

sixth chapter drinking water purification
6.1 safe drinking water act
6.3 coagulation and flocculation precipitation
6.4 filter
6.5 disinfection
6.6 other water treatment technology

seventh chapter of water supply system
7.1 design elements of water system of
7.2 in water supply dry
7.3 centrifugal pump
7.4 regulation pool
eighth chapter sewage drainage pipeline system
ninth chapter stormwater management
tenth chapters of sewage treatment and disposal of
eleventh chapter city solid waste hazardous waste management

twelfth chapter thirteenth chapter of atmospheric pollution and control of
in the fourteenth chapter of noise pollution and control of
appendix A environmental impact studies and audit
appendix B technicians and technologists task
appendix C basic mathematics, units and unit conversion related knowledge review
appendix D calculation of storm runoff HydroCADTM software
appendix E terminology and abbreviation
appendix F bibliography, software, video resources
appendix G calculation
appendix H color pictures
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