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Environmental management PDF Download

Environmental management PDF Download

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Science Press  Zou Runli  
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Environmental management includes an overview of environmental management, the basic theory of environmental management.Environmental management starting from the analysis of the main environmental problems and hazards, based on expounding the basic theory, general principle and method of environmental management, focuses on the environmental law, management system, management method, method and technology of main management content, comprehensive management pattern and the use of policy, law, management, capital, technology, educational methods combined, put forward the concrete management principle and method of protection and management of natural resources, the construction of regional environmental management, project and environmental management in industrial enterprises.Pay attention to the application of the content selection, closely linked to environmental management and law enforcement practice, reflect the latest developments and current situation of environmental management.
environment management for vocational environmental professional use, is also available in environmental management, environmental monitoring, environment engineering and other environmentally friendly professional technical staff.
Catalog Index
The first chapter preface 

environmental management
the first section environment management overview in section second of
China Environmental Management

second environmental management theoretical basis of sustainable development theory of
section second of circular economy theory in section third of
other theory of
< br> third chapters environmental protection law
the first section environmental protection law in section second of
environment the law on the protection of the basic principles and basic system in
third environment legal liability section fourth of
environmental protection single law

fourth environmental management system
the first section the basic concepts of
second day of the Chinese environment management system

fifth environmental management technology based
first section environmental standards in section second of
international environmental management standard
third environment monitoring of
fourth environmental management information system

sixth chapter fifth section environmental capacity environmental management of the basic method of
section second environmental assessment environmental prediction of
third environmental decision
fourth environmental planning in section fifth of
environmental engineering

chapter seventh natural resources protection and management of
section second soil air environment management moreResource management in section third of
water resources management in section fourth of
marine resources protection and management of
fifth biological resource management
sixth special natural resource management

eighth chapter regional environmental management
the first regional environmental management overview in section second of
city environmental management
third rural environmental management in section fourth of
watershed environmental management
the fifth section of chapter ninth of

industrial park environmental management project construction and environmental management of industrial enterprises
the first section construction project environmental management
second industrial enterprises environmental management
third industrial enterprises environmental management way and the method of
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