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Science Press  Chen Junhe et al.  
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Environmental Hydrology in water based on biological characteristics and the pollution of water self-purification mechanism, discuss the hydrology change of environment, according to the characteristics of various types of water pollution, water quality model and prediction respectively on the river, lake, reservoir, groundwater and river mouth, and the application of new technologies and new methods, isotope in environment in hydrology are introduced.Environmental hydrogeology force diagram, the pollutant transport processes and water cycle diffusion closely, the analysis of water quality forecast methods of calculation, organic combination.
environmental hydrology can be used as high grade undergraduate students of institutions of higher learning and research of water resources, water resources planning and management, ecological environment, environmental management and other professional graduate students, also can be a reference for water resources planning and management, environmental management, plan administrators.
Catalog Index
the first introductory chapter
environmental hydrology of
section of our country water environment problem
second environmental hydrology development situation of
third environmental hydrology of the definition and content of chapter second of
characteristic of water and water pollution
the first section of the properties of water < br> second section water pollution water pollution type

third the third chapter pollution changes
the first section water pollutant change mechanism of
second pollutant migration and transformation of

second changes in the hydrological regime of
under the environment of the fourth chapter city and hydrological situation
first day city of hydrological effect of
second city flood disasters and flood calculation
fifth chapter industrial and agricultural production and hydrology
first section and production situation of hydrologic environment in section second of
agricultural production on hydrological effects of
sixth chapter of water project construction and the hydrological regime of
first section water conservancy engineering role, benefits of
second water conservancy project on hydrological and environmental effects of
third section of some domestic and foreign water conservancy project on hydrological environment impact analysis
the seventh chapter SenForest vegetation and hydrological regime of
first section of forest hydrology and its development
second forest ecological hydrological effect of

third pollution of water environment and water quality simulation of
eighth chapters of river water quality mathematical simulation of
section water quality mathematical model is outlined in section second of
river flow mathematical model in section third of
one-dimensional water quality model in section fourth of
two, three-dimensional flow and water quality mathematical simulation in section fifth of
water quality model parameter
sixth application examples of
ninth chapter lake water quality mathematical simulation of
first section of lake water quality model of section second of
Lake temperature model of
third section of Lake eutrophication model
tenth chapter mathematical simulation of groundwater
first section of fluid dynamic dispersion type water quality model
the second section convection type water quality model
third lumped parameter water quality model
fourth model selection
eleventh chapter estuarine and tidal river water quality model
first section estuarine water quality model and its classification in section second of
estuary one-dimensional water quality model in section third of
estuary two-dimensional water quality model in section fourth of
estuary BOD-DO model

Fourth new techniques and methods of application of chapter twelfth of
isotopes in environmental hydrological application
section second isotope isotope in the precipitation of
third isotopes in the hydrological cycle and transformation in the application section fourth of
isotope in groundwater used in section fifth of
isotope in the material transformation and environmental change application of
method in the thirteenth chapter the new environmental hydrological application
first day of artificial neural network in water environment system in the application of
second genetic algorithm in parameter optimization application < br> third wavelet analysis application in hydrology and water resources in a
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