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Integrated physical geography PDF Download

Integrated physical geography PDF Download

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China Environmental Science Press  Ge Jingfeng  
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Integrated physical geography to modern system theory and sustainable development theory as guidance, comprehensively introduces research content of comprehensive physical geography.The book is divided into eleven chapters, the research object of integrated physical geography, history, natural and geographical system integrity, matter and energy structure, time structure, regional differentiation rules, comprehensive physical regionalization, land classification, land evaluation, land use / land cover change, relationship between human and physical geography system and integrated physical geography research and the application were discussed.Pooled results integrated geography in recent years in this book, systematic and comprehensive, informative, clear, explain profound theories in simple language.Integrated physical geography 
can be used as an integrated physical geography teaching materials and reference books, for geography, biology, resources and environment, geographic information system, urban and rural planning and management, land management, land development and regulation of professional teaching and research workers reference.
Catalog Index
The introduction of 
, integrated physical geography research object
two, integrated physical geography in geography position
three, integrated physical geography in task
of the first chapter of integrated physical geography of the formation and development history of
first section of ancient geography period -- comprehensive knowledge accumulation
, Chinese and foreign geographic works of comprehensive thought,
two geographical big discovery time data accumulation of
second day period of modern geography -- integrated physical geography theory of the formation of a transitional period of
, natural and human geography of the birth of
two, differentiation period of integrated physical geography theory started
three, integrated physical geography form the theoretical system of modern geography -- Section third of
during the period of comprehensive physical geography new trends of
, systematic, theoretical, model is a general trend of
two, modern technology application of
three, focus on the application of
fourth new Chinese integrated physical geography development
, to carry out large-scale a comprehensive investigation of
two, to carry out a wide range of comprehensive natural division,
three the land resource of
four, strengthen the basic managementResearch on
five, increase the proportion of experimental study
six, carry out the practical application of the

second physical geographical system overall characteristic of
section system,
system, the concept and classification of
two, the main feature of the system
second physical geographical system integrity
, natural geographical system concept
two, natural geographical space of the system of
three, the natural geography of the basic characteristics of the system in section third of
natural geographical system composition and structure of
, a natural geographical system composed of
two, the natural geographical system structure of

third physical geographical system of energy and matter structure of
first physical geographical system material the structure of
, material composition, material circulation structure of
second geographical elements of system structure of
, climate factors and their action process
two, landscape elements and process of
four and the process of hydrological factors, biological factors and process
five, soil factors and the role of
third natural geographical energy of the system structure of
, a natural geographical system energy structure characteristics of
Two, physical geographical system energy source
three, natural geographical system energy conversion of
four, the physical geographical system in energy conversion function

chapter fourth physical geographical system time structure of
first nature geography system development and evolution of
, the ancient geographical environment of
two, the evolution of Cenozoic geography system changes of
second physical geographical system time evolution of the
, the rhythm of natural geographical system
three, simulation of random phenomena of Geography Geography mutation in the
chapter fifth physical geographical system of regional differentiation of
sixth chapter comprehensive natural division
seventh chapter land grading and classification of land evaluation of
eighth land use / land cover change
tenth chapter of human and natural geographic system interaction between
eleventh chapter of integrated physical geography the main application of
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