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Physical geography PDF Download

Physical geography PDF Download

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Physical geography is the Ministry of Education promulgated and implemented in 1998 major of Geography Curriculum in Colleges and universities to make major adjustments, and prepared for the natural geography a new set of the latest materials.According to the course of adjustment, the book not only pay attention to keep the integrity of the natural geography, and pay attention to cover cancelled courses required in geography teaching in the content, reasonable structure, novel content, abundant data, illustrations, strong pertinence, emphasizes the basic theory, knowledge and practice, emphasis on environmental awareness, through relationship between human and the idea of sustainable development, in accordance with the requirements of the curriculum reform.The book is divided into 11 chapters, about 83 words, including the first chapter, the research object and task of physical geography; the second chapter, the planet earth; the third chapter, the earth's crust and its movement; fourth chapter, fifth chapter, climate; hydrology; the sixth chapter, the seventh chapter, landform; plant; the eighth chapter, the ninth chapter, the animal; soil; tenth chapter, the basic law of natural geographical environment; the eleventh chapter, human and natural environment.
natural geography for geographic information systems undergraduate geography and resources and environment management and planning, and other related professional teaching, teachers and students use.
Catalog Index
The first chapter preface 
natural geography research object and task
the first section geography research object
second section of natural geography research object
third nature geography department
fourth nature geography task

second chapter planet earth
first day the earth's space environment
in section second, the motion of the earth
third section of the earth the shape and structure of

third chapter crust and its motion
first day crustal composition material
second day crustal movement and tectonic section third of
crustal movement theory in section fourth of
crustal evolution and development history of chapter fourth of

first atmospheric general characteristics of
second climate formation of radiation and thermal factors of
third climate circulation factor
fourth section of climate formation underlying surface factors of
fifth climate types in section sixth of

seventh climate change climate resources

fifth chapter hydrological
first earth's water cycle and water balance of the
third rivers lakes and marshes in section fourth of
fifthSection sixth marine glacial

seventh section water resources

first section sixth chapter landforms landform formation factors
second tectonic geomorphology
third fluvial geomorphology
fourth section of the Karst landform in section fifth of
aeolian geomorphology and the loess landform section sixth of
glacial landforms and permafrost landforms in section seventh of

eighth coastal landform landforms
ninth geomorphic hazards and prevention of

seventh chapter of plant
the first section plant and environment
second plant communities in
third vegetation types in section fourth of
plant distribution and floristic
fifth vegetation resources of chapter eighth of

section second animal animal and environment ecological groups in section third of
animal distribution. And flora of

of soil animal resources chapter first soil composition and properties of
second soil formation and development of
third soil types and distribution of
in section fourth of chapter tenth of

of soil resources in the natural environment of
first section integrity rules in section second of
time evolution law
third natural geographical environment and sustainable development
impact on the natural environment of basic rules of section fourth of
on natural geographical environment in section third of

eleventh chapter of human and natural geographical environment
first day of natural geographical environment impact on human development in section second of
on human development the main references
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