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The principle of sequence stratigraphy PDF Download

The principle of sequence stratigraphy PDF Download

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In order to study overseas oil and gas exploration and development of new theory, new technology and new process, promoting China's petroleum upstream business technology, with advanced, practical, effective principle, China Petroleum Exploration and production companies and petroleum industry press organization multilateral force, representatives of foreign famous press and well-known scholars and the latest, most advanced theory and technology level of the works are introduced, and translation and publication.
from the beginning of 2001, based on tracking foreign oil and gas exploration and development of new theory and new technology and the new publishing dynamic, starting from the production demand, by selecting the best of the best have been translated and published six series of 34 books.In this series, some represents the most advanced level of theory and technology in a professional, some very practical, but also the production of much-needed.After the release of these translations, by enterprises and research institutions to the majority of production management, production practice and technological welcome, play an important role in practical, can promote the production and update their knowledge, improve service level objective.The series also won the China's publishing industry recognized.In 2002 the whole series second series was awarded the Publishers Association of China's "imported technology outstanding book award", blowout and well 2006 series fourth series control handbook again won the Publishers Association of China's "imported technology outstanding book award", resulting in a very good social benefits.
2009 based on published the first six series, after repeated research, screening, and to elect the latest published 6 monographs, namely natural gas measurement Handbook, ground engineering contract, analysis and simulation, basin oil production handbook, the principle of sequence stratigraphy, petroleum engineering and rock mechanics, the readers.
in the introduction, this series of translation and publishing process, exploration and production companies and petroleum industry press organized a group of experts, professors and rich practical experience of engineering and technical personnel as the translation and proofreading personnel, so that the set of books to publish in the quality and efficiency of translation is higher, and the majority of readers.
hopes the series play an important role in enterprises, scientific research units, institutions of production and scientific research.
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The principle of sequence stratigraphy, based on reviewing the history of the development of sequence stratigraphy, the sequence stratigraphy analysis method, introduced the shoreline migration and sequence boundary, mainly study the system domain and its characteristics, discusses the model of sequence stratigraphy, and discussed the time attribute of the stratum interface.
the principle of sequence stratigraphy for geological, geophysical exploration and reservoir engineers use science and technology workers, but also can be used as the relevant professional institutions teaching reference book.
Catalog Index
Chapter one introduction 
the first section sequence stratigraphy -- a review of
two interdisciplinary sequence stratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy and sedimentary geology revolution one one section second of
sequence stratigraphy of the development history of
, the early development of
two, sequence stratigraphic age - eustatic and tectonic control on sedimentation, sequence of
three model
third sequence stratigraphy method
, the term
two, the concept of scale
three, sequence stratigraphy and rock stratigraphy and different layer

second chapter sequence stratigraphy analysis method
section one, section second of
phase analysis of outcrop, core and modern simulation:
concept of

, the sedimentary system, phase and phase mode two, sedimentary environment classification of
four waltho rule, sedimentary petrography of
six, paleocurrent direction of soil science, seven fossil ichnology
third log
, two,
three, error: geological logging constrained logging interpretation in section fourth of
seismic data
, introduction
three physical attributes of seismic data, seismic data analysis workflow in section fifth of
dating technique
ArticleThe six section of sequence stratigraphic analysis of the working process of the
a, step 1 -- Research on construction of
two, step 2 -- the ancient sedimentary environment analysis of
three, step 3 -- the framework of sequence stratigraphy

third chapter accommodation and shoreline migration of
in section one, section second of
deposition with heterologous
, controlling factors heterologous control factors are of importance to
two, heterologous controlling factors of the characteristics of
third heterologous factors importance of sediment supply and sedimentary energy change, sediment supply

two, supply of sediments and sedimentary environment of energy
fourth sedimentary accommodation space
, accommodation, datum and the river equilibrium profile the concept of
two, the reference surface and the accommodation space approximation of
three, the variation of accommodation space in section fifth of
shoreline trajectory
, definition of
three, sea transgression forced out
four, normal regression

fourth chapter formation interface
in section one, section second of
third sequence stratigraphic termination formation interface
, subaerial unconformities corresponding to
three, integration of forced regression at the bottom of
five, the most regressive erosion surface Application of sequence stratigraphy and the abuse of
second Precambrian and Phanerozoic sequence stratigraphic comparison of
third standard sequence section before the prospect of
fourth summary and conclusions references

commonly used sequence stratigraphy
Three, forced regressive bottom surface 
"forced regressive bottom surface of the term" by Hunt and Tuckel are introduced, to bottom all the deposited definition of forced regressive period under marine environment surface.The plane is equivalent to Posamentier.The proposed integration, is about the shoreline at the base-level fall at the beginning of the ancient submarine.Forced regressive bottom development throughout the marine sequence, the erosion of the subsequent survived, and the underlying high normal regression formation and overlying strata from forced regression.On the continental shelf, the underlying sediment and overlying sediments were progradational trend, during the coarsening upward sequence, began to decline under the surface than existing strata inclination, forced regressive bottom was forced regressive younger progradational slope deposition in turn over.With other integrated stratigraphic contact, the lower strata does not terminate on the surface.In the forced regressive bottom by waves and currents reconstruction site, scour contact to truncate the underlying strata.
generally decreased, at the beginning of the submarine is: ①, ② integration time.The possibility of formation interface as the integration of plane in the rock record preserved, will be discussed in detail later in this section part.About the time attribute, with the other corresponding to the sequence boundary as integration, forced regressive bottom surface, formation, and available biostratigraphic resolution and geochronological dating technique.However, in the forced regressive shelf and slope of the bottom surface at least part of the performance of progradational slope deposition, and shore facies mobility geological records is the low wear, because with all need to shore line of terrigenous sediment supply at any position of the deep sedimentary basin at.
in the seismic stratigraphy terminology, forced regressive bottom surface is the most old slope deposition offlap.The sea began to decline, located in the forced regressive area of land under the surface of unconformity, if forced regressive deposits of the earliest are very well preserved down, two planes will intersect the shoreline position in the record of forced regression at the start of.This method is lack of transgressive wave erosion effect of subaerial unconformity and subsequent may remove the earliest offlap sandstone formation, therefore does not always determine the seismic section where is started offlap deposition.This deficiency in the stratigraphic offlap style is the subsequent subaerial unconformity or destruction of transgressive ravinement where the more obvious.
in the shallow sea environment, base-level fall below wave base, according to the bottom slope and base-level fall in different scale submarine suffered different degrees of wave erosion.Datum mass decrease the shallow bottom completely exposed surface, greatly reduces the possibility of forced regressive deposits preserved in shallow water, the bottom more fuzzy.But the datum small scale falls, the possibility of Forced Regression bottom in shallow sequences preserved in a corresponding increase in.The effect of forced regressive period, shallow seabed erosion / accretion properties depend largely on progradational slope and wave static equilibrium profile angle, turn the angle reflects the effect of redistribution of sediment supply and sediment in the tidal and inner shelf environments.Therefore, for the wave control shallow water environment and river environment need to be treated differently.
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