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Structural geology PDF Download

Structural geology PDF Download

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Petroleum Industry Press  Hu Ming, Liao Taiping  
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Structural geology is divided into nine chapters, including the original structure and occurrence of strata, stratigraphic contact relationship, the deformation of the rock mechanics analysis, folds, faults, joints, syngenetic structure, tectonic, basin structure and practice guidance.
Structural geology can be used as a resource exploration engineering, exploration technology and engineering, petroleum engineering, civil engineering and other related professional college textbooks, but also for the field geological engineering and technical personnel training, learning, reference.
Catalog Index
The first chapter is the introduction of 
The original structure of the second chapter of sedimentary rocks and occurrence of
The first section of the primary structure of
sedimentary rocks Section second, attitude of stratum, thickness and the exposed characteristics of
Exercises and problems of
The third chapter stratigraphic contact relationship between
Contact between the concept of
the first section formation The second section unconformity type
The third section unconformity observation and study of
Exercises and problems of
Analysis of
fourth chapter mechanics of rock deformation The first section stress and strain
The second section of rock deformation characteristics and influencing factors of
Exercises and problems of
The fifth chapter folds
The first section fold and fold factor
Section second fold shape description of
Section third fold occurrence types and combinations of
The formation mechanism of
fourth fold Section fifth folds of the observation and study of
Exercises and problems of
The sixth chapter
The concept and significance of the first joint
The second section joint classification of
Development of third different geological background of the joint
> staging and supporting
The sixth section cracks in underground recognition and study of
Exercises and problems of
The seventh chapter fault
The first section fault geometrical elements of
The second section fault classification of
The third section of each fault on
The fourth section fault observation and study of
Exercises and problems of
Analysis of
eighth chapter syngenetic structure The first section synsedimentary anticline and
Section second contemporaneous fault
Soft sediment deformation
Third The ninth chapter tectonic theory of
The first section groove theory
The second section of the plate tectonic theory
Section third tectonic Chinese School
The modern development of Chinese
Fourth tectonic Exercises and problems of
The tenth chapter the basic theory of
Basin The first section basin and its petroliferous basin
Formation mechanism and plate tectonics
second petroliferous basin. The third section of the continental plate of China during Mesozoic and Cenozoic basin characteristics of
Exercises and problems of
Appendix Ⅰ tectonic geology practice guidance
Basic knowledge and reading level geology map
practice a geological map Practice two by indirect method to determine the elements of attitude
Practice three read tilted strata and unconformity contact geological map and cross-section of
Practice four read geological map fold region
Practice five compilation and analysis structure contour map of
Practice six to joint pole figure and contour diagram of
Practice seven analysis of fault area geological map and
Practice eight tectonic geology comprehensive practice of
Appendix II of polar stereographic projection
The basic principle of
the first festival of stereographic projection Using the method of section second of the
the stereographic projection net The third section stereographic projection in the geological structure in the application of
Exercises and problems of
Appendix III stratum code and chromatographic
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