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Descriptive geometry PDF Download

Descriptive geometry PDF Download

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Tongji University press  Tongji University architecture  
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This book since the publication in 2003 third edition, for over 5 years.Thanks to our teachers and students favored by many colleges and universities, the construction of civil specialty selected as teaching book, very Xing Wei, thank you!
as the building shadow and the book supporting and perspective of a book, selected in 2006 the ordinary higher education "eleven five" national planning materials.The preparation of the fourth edition of this book, for supporting the use of.
book since 1985 by Tongji University press first edition, Second Edition, third edition have been modified, the changes are mainly the first 8 chapters orthographic drawing part.The two chapter behind the shadow and perspective, and building shadow and perspective about matching, so the ninth chapter axonometric projection as the focus of this version of the modified object.At the same time, other chapters also make the necessary individual modifications or corrections.
axonometric projection is itself a subject, have already have engineering and technical personnel for knowledge, there have been many monographs.The axonometric projection is drawing content in descriptive geometry.In the civil construction of descriptive geometry and engineering design, is often used instead of perspective projection, because the two have different advantages.This second edition, the axonometric projection increases some content.
therefore, this version of the axonometric projection, and the like, with the number of hours, the needs of professional and teaching the different point of view, select the necessary part of teaching; in addition, also for the students after the necessary reference.
Tongji University press to reprint, and Cheng Miao Linping deputy editor to edit and revise again and processing, grateful.
fourth edition of this book by former editor Huang Zhonglian adaptation.For the book and the existence of adaptation of the shortcomings or mistakes, please teachers and classmates criticism as fortunate!
Orthographic projection, axonometric projection, projection of shadow, perspective projection and perspective projection.
the book can be used as the Higher Institute of civil engineering specialty of "descriptive geometry and Engineering Drawing", "descriptive geometry and shadow, perspective in the course of" descriptive geometry textbook.Can also be used as correspondence university, School of network and Television University civil engineering professional type of the same course textbooks or teaching reference books.With the use of
and the book has exercises descriptive geometry set, also published by Tongji University press.
in order to help the students learn "descriptive geometry and Engineering Drawing" course, Tongji University press has also published a reference solution of descriptive geometry analysis and guidance, for students to learn, problem solving.
Catalog Index
The third chapter projection 

3.1 linear projection
3.2 three projection
2.3 first chapter study the development of chapter second of

2.1 survey
1.1 introduction
1.2 projection
1.3 engineering drawing
1.4 graph two projective
2.2 point two lines of projection plane relative point location of
4.2 plane linear projection position relative to

fourth planar
4.1 plane
3.4 two straight points on a
4.3 plane of projection plane and a straight line relative positions of
4.4 lines and planes parallel, plane and vertical plane parallel to
4.5 line and plane, plane and plane perpendicular to the
4.6 line and plane intersection, the purpose and the method of plane and plane intersection
4.7 point, line and plane graphic methods of chapter fifth of

projection transformation
5.1 projection surface projection of the
6.2 plane
5.2 auxiliary projection plane method
5.3 rotation method < br>
sixth stereo
6.1 plane stereo stereo
6.3 engineering shape
6.4 plane and plane three-dimensional intersection of straight line and
6.5 plane stereo general knowledge two planar intersect

seventh chapter
7.1 curve intersection
7.2 two curve of

eighth chapter surface and surface stereo
8.1 surfaces of general knowledge of
8.2 rotative surfaces and
8.3 linear
8.4 translation surface and the two surface
8.5 cylindrical helix and spiral

ninth chapter axonometric projection
9.1 axonometric projection of the basic knowledge of
9.2 axonometric projection classification and selection of
9.3 axis projection drawing

tenth chapter projection shadow shadow of the basic knowledge of
10.2 shadow
10.3 line of shadow
10.4 planar shadow
10.5 shadow

the eleventh chapter perspective projection
11.1 perspective projection of the basic knowledge of
11.2 X-ray characteristics of
11.3 perspective

twelfth chapter elevation projection point
12.1 and linear
12.2 plane and
12.3 plane stereo curve, curved surface and curved solid
1 Introduction 
geometry is the study of the in plane projection method, by the graphical representation of a discipline theory and method of spatial geometry and using the geometrical did not solve the problem of the spatial geometry.
first of all, in the production of construction and scientific research process, for the spatial object existing and imagined, such as land, buildings and machines, shape, size, location and other relevant information, it is difficult to use language to express clearly, therefore needs to be expressed by the graph in the plane.Expression of spatial objects in engineering in the plane of the diagram, called the engineering drawings.
then, when the study of spatial objects in the plane how to use graphics to express, because of the space object shape, size and position of each are not identical, inconvenience to individual objects one by one to study; in order to make the research is easy to correct, deeply and completely, and the conclusions can be widely applied to all objects, purposes, characteristics using geometry, spatial objects generalization method abstract point, line, surface, body geometry shape, first study the geometry in the plane how to express with the figure, and how to solve the mapping, and discuss their geometric problems, this is a form of descriptive geometry.
we have the concrete object to the project, as geometric body components, according to the descriptive geometry theory, put them in a plane with graphic expression, become the engineering drawings.In the engineering diagram, in addition to express object shape lines, some expressions and symbols to the application of national mapping standards, note to the necessary size numbers and words, which can improve the engineering drawings, clear and clear expression of the object's shape, size and position, and other necessary information, for example: the names of objects, types and specifications of materials, and production method.The expression of engineering objects and drawing method of drawing subject, called the engineering drawing.Engineering drawings by the expression of different objects, divided into architectural drawings, mechanical drawings etc..
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