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Regression analysis PDF Download

Regression analysis PDF Download

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"Sociology unlike physics.But physics just like physics, because everything is similar to the physicist's understanding of the world will eventually become a part of physics."
-- Otis Duncan
I always think, essential difference between social science and physics.The unit of analysis in social science is heterogeneous or distinct from each other, and the unit of analysis in physics, it is assumed to be homogeneous or exchangeable.I will social science this important and universal property called "variability principle".
because of variability in principle exist, social science to discover "be applicable everywhere" rule is doomed to be difficult, or even impossible, especially at the individual level is even more so.Because of this reason, social science seems to be a soft, not strict science.Which is the main reason for many scholars on the quantitative methods in Social Sciences questioned and preference of qualitative methods.
, however, those scholars claim that qualitative methods are not aware, makes quantitative methods have been questioned -- variability -- also make qualitative research has been questioned, and even more serious problems.For example, for each unit of analysis is different from another unit of analysis, qualitative research based on a single case on the basis of the conclusions are likely to be fundamentally for case selection changes.
Xie Yu, a distinguished professor at the University of Michigan OtisDudleyDuncan the United States, but also the Sociology Department of University of Michigan, Professor of Department of statistics and research center of China, a researcher of the center for Population Research Center, Institute for social research and survey research, survey research center director of the quantization method group; Peking University Professor Cheung Kong scholars.In 2004 he was elected Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and Taiwan "Central Research Institute", was elected in 2009 the United States National Academy of sciences.Its research areas include: social stratification, statistics, demography, sociology of science and research in china.The main works include: statistical methods, data analysis, classification
Demographic studies, Asian American women describe, sociological methods and quantitative research, marriage and cohabitation.
Catalog Index
The first chapter the basic statistical concepts 
1.1 statistics for social science research and the importance of
1.2 book features the
1.3 basic statistical concepts of
1.4 random variables and with poor
1.5 expectation and covariance properties of
1.6 are the summary of this chapter

chapter second statistical inference based
2.2 estimation of
2.3 distribution hypothesis test
2.4 the summary of this chapter

chapter third linear
3.1 regression regression concept understanding three perspective
3.2 regression model
3.3 linear regression fit
3.4 hypothesis test
3.5 on certain X y mean estimation of
3.6 to a specific X y single value predictive
3.7 simple linear regression of nonlinear transform
3.8 example analysis
3.9 the summary of this chapter

chapter fourth linear algebra based
4.1 the definition of
4.2 matrix
4.3 matrix
4.4 matrix of the inverse
4.5 matrix
4.7 matrix determinant algorithm of
4.8 vector expectation and covariance matrix
4.9 matrix in the social sciences in the application of
4.10 in this chapter

chapter fifth multivariate linear regression
5.1 multiple linear regression model in matrix form
5.2 multiple regressionThe basic assumption of multivariate
5.3 regression to estimate the parameters of
5.4 0LS regression equation of multiple
5.5 regression model error variance estimates of multivariate
5.6 regression parameter estimation of
5.7 model of variance in the setting of some problems of
5.8 standardized regression model
5.9 cHIP88 case analysis the relative
5.10 summary of chapter sixth of

multiple regression in statistical inference and hypothesis test of
6.1 statistical inference principle briefly reviews
6.2 statistical significant. And effect of amplitude of
6.3 single regression coefficient - =0 test
6.4 multiple regression coefficient of the joint inspection
6.5 regression coefficients of linear combination of test
6.6 the summary of this chapter

chapter seventh analysis of variance and F test and
7.1 regression in multivariate analysis of variance and
7.2 in linear regression analysis of variance and
7.3 variance analysis on the assumption that
7.4 F test
7.5 coefficient of determination of incremental
7.6 goodness-of-fit measure
7.7 instance analysis
7.8 the summary of this chapter

chapter eighth auxiliary regression and partial regression
8.1 regression analysis of two common problems of
8.2 auxiliary regression
8.3 variables in
8.4 regression
8.5 rowIn addition to omitted variable bias method
8.6 application
8.7 the summary of this chapter

chapter ninth causal inference and path analysis,
9.1 correlation between
9.2 causal inference causal inference problems of
9.4 causal inference in causal inference that
9.5 causes
9.6 path analysis
9.7 the summary of this chapter

chapter tenth multicollinearity problems
10.1 multicollinearity problems the introduction of
10.2 perfect multicollinearity
10.3 approximate multicollinearity
10.4 collinearity measure
10.5 multicollinearity problem
10.6 this chapter summary of chapter eleventh of

polynomial regression, spline regression and step function regression
11.1 regression
11.2 spline regression
11.3 step function regression
11.4 chapter summary of

twelfth chapter dummy variables and nominal variables
12.1 nominal variable definition and characteristics of
12.2 virtual variable settings
...... Regression analysis from the author for many years in the University of Michigan Professor regression analysis of course notes, from the basic statistical concepts about, basic assumptions, the linear regression analysis statistical regression and regression diagnosis inference in detail, also covers a lot of practice in social science research is very useful content, including virtual variable, the interaction, the auxiliary regression, polynomial regression, regression spline function and step function regression.In addition, the regression analysis also relates to path analysis, panel data model, the hierarchical linear model and Iogit model etc..

features of 1.2 book book mainly had read the basis of social statistics course or a certain basic knowledge of statistics student or study has, I hope the readers through the study of this book can be the regression model in social science theory and the actual operation of a more comprehensive, more in-depth understanding of.In addition to explain the theory of statistics, this book will be combined with specific problems, using the statistical software, shows readers how to use these methods to solve practical problems.The book has two major characteristics: first, in addition to the multivariate regression model of classic in-depth explanation, for a number of important, not the classic regression model also extends and complements; second, not just stop at the theoretical level, but also emphasizes the importance of the actual operation.In most chapters we will use the actual research data, the application through the example analysis and the corresponding Stata program to explain the statistical knowledge in the study is given to the data and results interpretation.In the data, we use the 1988 and 1995 two Chinese household income survey data, in 1990 the United States general social survey data, in 1998, 2000, 2002 and 2005 "Chinese elderly health and longevity factors survey" project data, and the 1972 American high school graduates occupation choice related survey data problem.Among them, is the most frequently used in the Chinese city residents in 1988 income survey data.
CHIP88 data from 1988 by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of economic research under the auspices of the "Chinese resident income distribution" survey.It is China's reform and early more standard social survey data, it is widely used in the literature, english.CH:IP88 includes two parts: one is the survey of city residents, another is for the investigation of rural residents.This investigation using method of sampling: selected 10 provinces from 30 provincial administrative units, and then from the 434 city of the 10 provinces in the 55 city as a representative sample.Investigation of the part of the city in 1988 3-4 months, a total of 9009 households, questionnaire to collect all the family members of each household in the data, including the basic situation, education and employment.After deletion of missing data and incomplete observation case, for a total of 15862 individual observations.
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