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Encyclopedia of Mathematics PDF Download

Encyclopedia of Mathematics PDF Download

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In the history of human thought, there is a basic and unique position of mathematics.For thousands of years, from Babylon, Greece, China algebraic geometry, India, Arabia math, great development until modern mathematics history, although sometimes interrupt, but the object and method is consistent.The object of mathematics is "number" and "form", although the modern concept, has been with the original meaning, far.The main method of mathematics, logic reasoning.Therefore established a solid ideological structure.These results will be useful for other disciplines, is to be expected.But the application of far beyond imagination.Mathematics is a part of the basic education.Other science also need math as the ideal model, in order to find the basic law of science.In such a rapid development of mathematics, the task is daunting: it requires full already, also need to cope with external shocks.
Encyclopaedia of mathematics by three types of items.First of all the main direction of mathematics items, status of such a basic requirement is as popular understanding of the field of development; these entries reading research for university students of mathematics and mathematics adjacent field, a bureau professional needs, experts, engineers and teachers of mathematics other areas of science and can use mathematical methods in the work of reading.Secondly, some medium length entries, devoted to some specific mathematical problems and methods, these items is deep, is for higher levels of readers who write.Finally, there is a brief entry, reference available definition.Encyclopaedia of mathematics with the subject index, which includes not only all the headlines, but also includes many concepts are given in the first two items are defined, as well as mentioned in articles in some of the most important results.Most of the items with reference.This large mathematical tool function is very complete, the reader is very extensive.
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