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Graph theory and its application PDF Download

Graph theory and its application PDF Download

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Tsinghua University press  Lu Kaicheng, Lu Huaming  
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The study of graph theory problems there has a long history, dating back to the eulerian.It has become an active branch of mathematics is thing of nearly 30 years, since the nineteen sixties found it in many fields, such as physics, biology, power engineering, operational research and the social sciences have a wide range of applications, especially in computer science, circuit network, graph theory is introduced to change their appearance.Application of 

graph theory and its application based on graph theory, introduced the idea and algorithm to solve the problem.The book has 7 chapters, divided into two parts.One is the basic theory of 3 chapters, respectively is: the basic concepts of graph, tree, graph algorithms, two is the application of article has 4 chapters, respectively is: the network problem, signal flow graph problem, network flow graph problem, matching theory and the chromatic number problem and other.Some of them are very new very hot topic.

graph theory and its application in university mathematics professional , the theory of computer professional teaching materials, related science also can find what they need from the material.
Catalog Index
The basic concept of 

§ first part of basic theory of

Chapter 1 Introduction graph;


§ 2 graph; 3 Road and loop

§ matrix of 4 graph


§ 5 Chinese postman problem; 6 planar graph

§ 7 Petri

second tree

§ 1 the concept of the tree

§ 2 basic properties of

§ 3 incidence matrix and basic incidence matrix of

§ 4 circuit matrix and basic circuit matrix

§ 5 incidence matrix and circuit matrix between

§ 6 cut set matrix and fundamental cut-set matrix

§ 7 the number of trees

§ 8 to tree and outgoing tree

§ 9 two tree

§ 10 Huffman tree

§ 11

§ search tree; 12 flow businessman and branch and bound method

§ 13 of the best matching problem

third chapter graph algorithm

§ 1 the optimal path problem and its algorithm

§ 2 shortest tree and its algorithm

§ the shortest distance between any two points and the algorithm of 3

§ Figure 4Connectivity analysis of

§ 5 tree generation

§ 6 DFS algorithm

§ 7 graph partitioning

§ 8 strongly connected block division of

second part application


§ 1 circuit network; J F Herve's law


§ 2 circuit; 3 state variable law theory basis of

§ 4 state variable method

§ 5 state variable method for

§ 6

fifth chapter some special cases of signal flow graph of

§ 1 matrix and Coates flow chart of

§ 2 algebraic equations and Mason signal flow graph

§ 3 signal flow graph operation


§ 4 determinant expansion method; 5 algebraic equations of the Coates method of

§ 6 Mason

& sect formula; 7 Mason formula to prove

sixth chapter network flow graph problem of

§ 1 network flow graph problem and maximum flow

§ 2

§ 3 Ford Fulkerson cut; maximum flow and minimum cut theorem of

§ 4

§ 5 Edmonds labeling method; modified Karp algorithm, Dinic algorithm and other


6 switch network, the seventh chapter matching theory, chromatic number problem and other

§ 1

§ maximum matching; 2 Hall theorem of

§ 3 Hungarian algorithm and

§ 4 the best matching

§ 5 of the best matching algorithm and

§ 6 chromatic number of

§ 7 independent sets of concept and its application;


§ 8 dominating set; a method of

§ 9 chromatic number; chromatic polynomial of

§ 11

§ 12 PERT graph

§ 13 strong Tonghua
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