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The history of mathematics and Mathematics Education PDF Download

The history of mathematics and Mathematics Education PDF Download

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Zhejiang University press  Lin Yongwei, Ye Lijun  
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The first chapter number system 
the first natural number
second integer
third fraction of
fourth decimal
fifth section of irrational number
sixth real
seventh complex

second chapter number theory and
equation of the first section properties of numbers
second number theory development history in section third of
equation history section fourth of
equation the development of

third chapter elementary geometry
first section geometric history section second of
geometric measure in section third of
geometric measurements of

fourth chapter number and sequence of
section second logarithmic series

fifth chapter variable mathematics
section second of analytic geometry, calculus in section third of
function on
appendix a Liu Hui nine chapter arithmetic note preface
appendix two the history of mathematics in Mathematics Education History Chronicles
appendix three appendix four of
name table appendix five of
|@#@ | bibliography The history of mathematics and mathematics education focuses on the history of mathematics and teaching in the middle school mathematics, a comprehensive analysis of the important historical content, mathematics knowledge structure and the thought connotation.Application of the principles of pedagogy and psychology, combined with the results of investigation on the situation of mathematics education in mathematics, from the historical point of view, test and evaluation of mathematical teaching practice.The skeleton of the development of history of mathematics and mathematics teaching combined with reality, make mathematics historical reality, function play a role in the history of mathematics, to improve mathematics teaching level, promote the reform of mathematical education.
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