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The Fibonacci sequence PDF Download

The Fibonacci sequence PDF Download

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Harbin Institute of Technology press  Varo Beyev Zhou Chun  
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In Elementary Mathematics in the presence of many difficult and interesting problems, these problems have not been given any name, its characteristics, rather than as a kind of "folk" mathematics, mathematical literature popularize this kind of problem in widespread or simply for pleasure, it is often difficult to identify a problem first appeared where a book. These problems often spread in different forms, sometimes the synthesis of several problem is a complex problem, sometimes in turn, a problem is decomposed into several simpler problems. In a word, it is often difficult to explain, where one ends and where another problems began, people always correctly considered: mathematical theory of each such problems will involve some shallow, history, problems and the mathematical theory and the "high deep mathematics history, problems and methods are closely linked.Fibonacci number theory is the theory. From the rabbit problem famous began almost has experienced seven hundred and fifty years of long years, so far, Fibonacci number is still in elementary mathematics is one of the most interesting chapter, in many mathematical and reading will appear a number of related issues and Fibonacci, often as a group in Mathematics textbooks the school, in the Mathematical Olympiad is also often mention.
The Fibonacci sequence theory is difficult and interesting problems in elementary mathematics, is closely related to it and "advanced mathematics" history, problems and methods.From the rabbit problem famous began almost has experienced eight hundred years of long years.So far.The Fibonacci sequence is still in elementary mathematics is one of the most interesting chapter.The Fibonacci sequence problem in the books there are many popular mathematics, mathematics teaching is often used as a group in the school, in the Mathematical Olympiad is also often mention.
this book contains problem is some learning materials Lenin Leningrad State University in 1949 - 1950 year students of mathematics group.According to the group participants desire, puts the emphasis on the study of number theory aspects; in this book for these problems are expounded in detail.
in the book and the divisible theory and the theory of continued fraction, reading the content, do not need to prepare knowledge beyond the high school curriculum.
book for college and high school students.
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§ number-theoretical properties of
, simple properties of
§ 1 Fibonacci number 2 Fibonacci Number 3 Fibonacci numbers and continued fraction
§ 4 Fibonacci numbers and geometric
§ 5 Fibonacci numbers and search theory
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