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Differential geometry PDF Download

Differential geometry PDF Download

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Science Press  Meng Daoji, Liang Ke  
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sixth chapter of the Gao Wei Euclid space
Differential geometry is written in the long-term teaching practice by the author, include basic knowledge of differential geometry, the basic theory and method.The main contents are: rigid motion, the Euclidean space curve theory, the local properties of a surface, the surface of the basic theorem, curve on surface, high dimensional Euclid space curved surface.Each chapter has exercises, in order to consolidate the knowledge and problem-solving skills and training on mathematical ability.
Catalog Index
The first chapter Euclid space and rigid motion 
1.1 introduction
1.2 motion
1.3 vector vector

second chapter curve of
2.1 parameters of
2.2 curve arc length parameter
2.3 curve equation of
2.4 curve of the local curvature and torsion of
2.5 Frenet formula of
2.6 curve of
2.7 fundamental theorem of plane curve integral properties of

third exercises chapter surface local properties of
3.1 surface and the curved surface
3.2 tangent plane and direction of
3.3 the first fundamental form
3.4 second fundamental form of
3.5 curvature function
3.6 surface at a standard
3.7. structural equation
3.8 special surface

fourth exercises chapter surface on the fundamental theorem of
4.1 micro fraction
4.2 moving frame
4.3 forms and Gauss curvature
4.4 long corresponding to the conformal the fundamental theorem of corresponding
4.5 surface exercise

fifth chapter curves on the surfaces of
5.1 geodesic curvature and geodesic torsion of
5.2 based on
5.3 Gauss-Bonnet special curve formula
5.4 contact
5.5 geodesic parallel
5.6 and parallel mobile
5.7 coordinates and geodesic polar coordinates
5.8 developable problem < br>
The surface
6.1 Gao Wei surface
6.2 differential manifold exercises reference index
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