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  • Introduction to quantum groups PDF Download

    views:16922down:1413format:DOC,PDFplatform:adobe reader

    Press:World Book Inc


    ,World Book Inc,Shari
    Quantum groups first arose in the physics literature, particularly in the work of L. D. Fa...

  • The physical mechanism PDF Download

    views:6929down:1222format:DOC,PDFplatform:adobe reader

    Press:Tianjin Science and Technology Press

    Author:Bbe Vlri Men

    ,Tianjin Science and Technology Press,Bbe Vlri Men
    In the physical mechanism in one book, the author with straightaway language about the int...

  • Application of optical PDF Download

    views:12477down:1344format:DOC,PDFplatform:adobe reader

    Press:University of Science & Technology China press

    Author:Hu Yuxi

    ,University of Science & Technology China press,Hu Yuxi
    Application of optical is the basis of the author for many years to teach "Applied Optics"...

  • Statistical field theory PDF Download

    views:14862down:488format:DOC,PDFplatform:adobe reader

    Press:World Book Inc

    Author:Claude Itzykson, Jean-Michel D

    ,World Book Inc,Claude Itzykson, Jean-Michel D
    Some ten years ago, when completing with J.-B. Zuber a previous text on Quantum Field Theo...

  • Physics PDF Download

    views:16981down:3523format:DOC,PDFplatform:adobe reader

    Press:Higher Education Press

    Author:Zhu Ming, Xu Wenxuan, Ma Wenyu

    ,Higher Education Press,Zhu Ming, Xu Wenxuan, Ma Wenyu
    On the base of Physic, the revision of this book is made consulting The Basic Requirement ...

  • Dictionary of Optics PDF Download

    views:12467down:527format:DOC,PDFplatform:adobe reader

    Press:Science Press

    Author:Cheng Rong, Cheng Xiaohang

    ,Science Press,Cheng Rong, Cheng Xiaohang
    Chinese index Dictionary of optics is briefly explained in classical optics and related it...

  • The principle of plasma physics PDF Download

    views:4455down:2549format:DOC,PDFplatform:adobe reader

    Press:University of Science & Technology China press

    Author:Ma Tengcai et al.

    ,University of Science & Technology China press,Ma Tengcai et al.
    radiation phenomena of plasma physics fluctuation eighth chapter chapter fourth of

  • General physics PDF Download

    views:19636down:246format:DOC,PDFplatform:adobe reader

    Press:East China Normal University press

    Author:Hu Bingyuan

    ,East China Normal University press,Hu Bingyuan
    This textbook is suitable for institutions of higher learning "university physics" course ...

  • Nobel Prize for physics in one hundred years PDF Download

    views:18284down:1650format:DOC,PDFplatform:adobe reader

    Press:Shanghai Popular Science Press

    Author:Guo Yiling, Shen Huijun

    ,Shanghai Popular Science Press,Guo Yiling, Shen Huijun
    Awarded the Nobel Prize in physics has lasted one hundred years.This one hundred years is ...

  • University Physics PDF Download

    views:14799down:450format:DOC,PDFplatform:adobe reader

    Press:Huazhong University of Science and Technology press

    Author:Mao Feng

    ,Huazhong University of Science and Technology press,Mao Feng
    exercises reference answers This book is "university physics book of elite course of Unive...

  • Fundamentals of semiconductor physics PDF Download

    views:11576down:2393format:DOC,PDFplatform:adobe reader

    Press:Science Press

    Author:Huang Kun, Han Ruqi

    ,Science Press,Huang Kun, Han Ruqi
    Mainly introduces the transistor, integrated circuits and other so-called Book silicon pla...

  • Electromagnetic field and electromagnetic wave PDF Download

    views:8761down:3738format:DOC,PDFplatform:adobe reader

    Press:Higher Education Press

    Author:Yang Rugui, Thomas (Th

    ,Higher Education Press,Yang Rugui, Thomas (Th
    This is a university-level textbook on electromagnetic fields and waves for undergraduate ...

  • A new physics knowledge PDF Download

    views:14885down:3089format:DOC,PDFplatform:adobe reader

    Press:Xinjiang art photography press

    Author:Zhang Qiming

    ,Xinjiang art photography press,Zhang Qiming
    A new

    knowledge of physics is designed for Chinese children made a comprehensive knowl...

  • Study notes and problems in University Physics PDF Download

    views:19085down:781format:DOC,PDFplatform:adobe reader

    Press:Science Press

    Author:Any threshold, Wang Guoguang

    ,Science Press,Any threshold, Wang Guoguang
    University Physics reading notes and the problem as the research aiming at the key and dif...

  • The introduction of imaging spectrometry PDF Download

    views:11884down:2216format:DOC,PDFplatform:adobe reader

    Press:Science Press

    Author:Wang Jianyu, Shu Rong, Liu Yin

    ,Science Press,Wang Jianyu, Shu Rong, Liu Yin
    The design principle and imaging spectrometer introduction imaging spectroscopy on hypersp...

  • Selected topics in condensed matter physics PDF Download

    views:11987down:3906format:DOC,PDFplatform:adobe reader

    Press:Central South University press

    Author:Xu Hui

    ,Central South University press,Xu Hui
    Condensed matter physics is a branch of physics today, one of the largest and most importa...

  • Physics PDF Download

    views:14043down:25format:DOC,PDFplatform:adobe reader

    Press:People's Posts and Telecommunications Press

    Author:Xu Jingli, Li Rong

    ,People's Posts and Telecommunications Press,Xu Jingli, Li Rong
    The book is in accordance with the Ministry of Education promulgated in 2009, the medium o...

  • Light-emitting principle and luminescent materials PDF Download

    views:15243down:58format:DOC,PDFplatform:adobe reader

    Press:University of Electronic Science and Technology Press

    Author:Qi Kangcheng

    ,University of Electronic Science and Technology Press,Qi Kangcheng

    luminous important means of technical analysis theory and luminescent materials for lu...

  • Introduction to the physics of highly charged ions PDF Download

    views:8924down:3119format:DOC,PDFplatform:adobe reader

    Press:National Defence Industry Press

    Author:Bayer, Sheffer grams.

    ,National Defence Industry Press,Bayer, Sheffer grams.
    The physics of highly charged ions introduction comprehensively, systematically introduces...

  • The new concept of Physics PDF Download

    views:10865down:2593format:DOC,PDFplatform:adobe reader

    Press:Higher Education Press

    Author:Zhao Kaihua, Luo Yuyin

    ,Higher Education Press,Zhao Kaihua, Luo Yuyin
    Zhao Kaihua editor of new concept physics textbook series provides a wealth of questions a...

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Physics PDF eBooks Free Download

  1. Organosilicon polymer and its application
  2. Diffractive optics design
  3. Selection and analysis of problem of quantum mechanics
  4. Introduction to inorganic mass spectrometry
  5. Physical optics
  6. Thinking and exploration of the thermodynamics and statistical physics issues
  7. Introduction to superstring theory and M theory
  8. Higher school teaching material: material physical properties
  9. The "Tao" of modern physics: Physics and Oriental mysticism
  10. Spectral analysis of organic structure
  11. Condensed state physics Green function theory
  12. The Ministry of Education College Textbook: experimental physics and training
  13. Analytical Chemistry Handbook 3: spectral analysis
  14. Electromagnetic compatibility.
  15. Introduction to physics thought

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