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University Physics Experiment PDF Download

University Physics Experiment PDF Download

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Higher Education Press  Zhou Wei Gong.  
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This textbook is based on science and Engineering University Physics Experiment Teaching of physics and astronomy in 2008 the Ministry of education of higher school teaching steering committee, Physics Course Teaching Guidance Committee for the basic requirements, combined with the practice of the teaching reform of physics experimental teaching center of China University of Geosciences for many years, one of the experimental textbook compilation.
university physics experiment as a science experiment course in science and engineering college students into the school, the teaching purpose is not only to let the students strictly, systematic experimental skills training, to master the basic knowledge, methods and techniques for scientific experiments, it is more important to cultivate the students' keen observation and careful thinking ability, training students to integrate theory with practice, the ability to analyze and solve problems, especially the comprehensive ability to adapt with the development of science and technology and the spirit of innovation.
textbook has the following characteristics: the new requirements of
1 for the development of Metrology and the science and technology of University experiment teaching is proposed, in this tutorial "uncertainty of measurement and data processing of the basic knowledge of" chapters, using modern theory of error and uncertainty is a basic concept of system.
2 this textbook is divided into the upper, consisting of three parts, from the shallower to the deeper, the gradual way, changed the traditional "force, thermal, electromagnetic, optical, modern physics" is to write the order of teaching content.Part one focuses on basic knowledge, basic instrument, experimental design.The arrangements of the 18 basic type of relatively simple problems, to cultivate students the basic experimental skills and rigorous scientific attitude for the purpose of.28 comprehensive questions and design problem. The income, the difficulty has increased, a corresponding increase in the experimental requirements, to ensure that students in the second semester in the new step.
3 textbooks also reflects the geological characteristics of the experimental subject, for students to lay a good foundation for the follow-up courses learning.
the materials collected experimental project 46, it is the crystallization of many teachers and laboratory technicians wisdom and labor, participate in the preparation of wei-gong Zhou, Zhang Zili, Zheng Zhiyuan, Liu Ning, Feng Juan, Xiong Li, Jiang Yun, Dong Aiguo, fan Zhenjun, Gao Hua, Wang Yafang, book by Zhou Wei Ren editor.
of the Tsinghua University professor Ruan Liang reviewed the book, put forward many valuable suggestions.
writing textbook, textbook, Northeast Normal University, Tsinghua University to Beihang University of colleges and universities, to express our deep gratitude.
Catalog Index
The first chapter introduction 

uncertainty of measurement and data processing of the basic knowledge of
1.1 measurement and error of the basic concepts of
1.2 evaluation of uncertainty in measurement of the
1.3 digital and
1.4 physics experiment data processing is the basic method of
1.5 practice
second chapter physics experiment
2.1 basic operation basic experimental measurement method for
2.2 physical experiments the basic instrument of
2.3 in the physical experiment basic adjustment and operation technology of
2.4 computer and micro computer application in physical experiments of
third chapters designed experimental < br>3.1 design experimental nature and task of the
3.2 system error
3.3 general knowledge test plan and test instruments supporting

fourth chapter experiment of
4-1 the length of the basic measurement experiment of
4-2 object determination of density
4-3 torsional pendulum experiment object rotational inertia experiment of
4-4 three wire pendulum
experimental 4-5 torsion pendulum method to measure the liquid surface tension coefficient
experimental 4-6 tensile test of metal wire Young's modulus
experimental 4-7 metal linear expansion coefficient measurement experiment of
4-8 thermocouple thermometer metal cooling curve and melting point
experimental 4-9 voltammetry to measure resistance and the components of the volt-ampere characteristic of
4-10 multimeter experiment design of
experiment of 4-11 DC bridge measured resistance
experimental 4-12 oscilloscope principle and use of
experimental 4-13 electrostatic field simulation tracing
experimental 4-14 use reading microscope observation of salt crystallization processes of
experiment of 4-15 thin convex lens focal length measurement
experimental 4-16 microscope and polarizing microscope assembly
experimental 4-17 regulating spectrometer
experimental 4-18 digital photography technology

fifth chapter experiment of
5-1 sensor to measure the coefficient of air relative pressure
experimental 5-2 acceleration of gravity of
experimental 5-3 Holzer effect experiment of
5-4 magnetic field distribution measurement experiment of simple harmonic vibration of
experiment 5-6 the law of conservation of momentum
experimental 5-7 dynamic measuring Young's modulus
experimental 5-8 velocity measurement experiment of
5-10 with equal thickness interference experiment of double prism interference measurement of optical wavelength
experimental determination of 5-11 three prism dispersion
experimental 5-12 transmission grating measurement of optical wavelength
experimental 5-13 Michelson interferometer adjustment and its use
5-14 F-P interferometer measuring wavelength difference
test 5- According to the science and Engineering University Physics Experiment Teaching of physics and astronomy in 2008 the Ministry of education of higher school teaching steering committee, Physics Course Teaching Guidance Committee for the basic requirements, experiment teaching material with new system with the reform of physics experimental teaching center of China University of Geosciences experience prepared a.The book is divided into three parts,.The first three chapters, the first chapter systematically introduces error, uncertainty knowledge and data processing of the basic method, the second chapter introduces the basic operation of physical experiment, the third chapter introduces system error elimination method and designed experiment.In the fourth chapter, income of the 18 relates to mechanics, electromagnetics, optics and other aspects of the experiment, for students to choose from in the first semester.The fifth chapter, arranged 28 enhance the comprehensive and design experiment for students to choose to use in the second semester.This text carries out the hierarchical gradient distinct "and" pay attention to quality training "guiding ideology at the time of writing.
university physics experiment can be used as the engineering university physics experiment in higher education teaching materials, can also provide some reference.
Summary wiring is correct, reasonable layout 
see and analysis there are several loop circuit diagram, from the general power of the cathode, according to the order from high potential terminal low potential. If a branch, it should be the first loop fully connected, and then another loop, avoid by connecting the.
instrument layout be reasonable. Will need to always control and readout instruments in the operator, the switch must be put in the most easy to handle local.
device must be in the correct state. For example: switch on the power, the power of output voltage and output voltage divider are placed at a minimum, limit access circuit resistance at maximum value flow, range ammeter to choose reasonable, resistor value cannot be zero, check the line.
circuit after, careful self-examination, to ensure that the correct, by the teachers review with meaning, can turn the power operation. Close the power switch, should pay close attention to the instrument is normal work, if there is abnormal, immediately cut off the power, troubleshooting, and report the instructor. after the experiment instrument to finish
Check finished, first cut off the power, the experimental results by the teacher after approval, can remove line, and all devices according to the requirements of.
2.3.8 neatly placed optical experimental operating points of optical device protection
optical experiment is "clean" experiment, the optical instruments and components, should pay attention to dust, keep dry to prevent mildew the surface, not with hands or other hard objects touch, rub the optical element; also can not face it out; use lens paper or with alcohol or ether solution.
absorbent cotton.
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