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Academician Chen Junyong. PDF Download

Academician Chen Junyong. PDF Download

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Chen Junyong, Zhejiang Ningbo people, Professor, doctoral tutor geodesist.1949 January to participate in the work of the revolution, in 1960 graduated from the Wuhan Institute of Surveying and mapping, in 1981.
Austria science and technology of Graz Technische University doctorate, in 1991 was elected as academician of the Chinese Academy of sciences.Chief editor of Journal of director, National Bureau of Surveying and Mapping Surveying and mapping geographic information technology committee.He served as director of the chief engineer, the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping Surveying and Mapping Institute of China, secretary and vice chairman, President, International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, vice-president of the China Committee, CPPCC National Committee eighth, nine members of the International Association of geodesy, the first division chairman, executive vice chairman, executive board member of IUGG.
in the geometric geodesy, satellite geodesy, the earth's gravity field parameter calculation, the earth dynamics, combining satellite geodetic data are studied deeply on Chinese reference ellipsoid positioning etc..The derivation of the "1980 geodetic reference system" a full set of parameter calculation formula is the international organization IUGG has presided over by; calculation and provides China's first civilian geocentric coordinate transfer parameters; hosted the 1975 and 2005 China's Mount Qomolangma elevation measurement calculation; presided over the establishment of GPS network in the country; presided over 2000 Chinese geoid the computing work; in unifying the country mainland and island mapping reference, establish and improve the geodetic datum, the gravity datum, longitude reference, eliminate the systematic errors in precise leveling, contribute to aerial test field, field test baseline length etc..
won the National Science Conference award, two national science and technology progress award 5, two provincial and ministerial level and above the science and technology progress award 7, the provincial and ministerial level excellent science book award 2 times, HLHL prize for progress in science and technology 1.He has published 10 books, published more than 300 papers.
Catalog Index
Geodetic theory 
distance geodetic calculation method for direct solution of
space rectangular coordinate and geodetic coordinate conversion formula and digital table
earth ellipsoid parameter and its gravitational field
On the Geodetic Problem of Long Distances in two Different Projections
two different ellipsoid with three axis between the general conversion formula of
ellipsoid parameter precision calculation formula of
Formulae for the Computation of Truncation Coefficients
On the Effect of the Measuring Errors of Meteorological Parameters on the Results of Doppler Positioning
transform fee Ning - Menez function for deflection calculation of
in the ground and the Doppler satellite network in combined adjustment of adjacent Doppler station interval of the critical distance
and in Hilbert space geodesy in application of
height anomaly estimation and the accuracy of
high precision ground point position of the three-dimension geocentric coordinate and the motion of the plates
normal height correction formula a note on
Crustal Movement, Gravity Field and Atmospheric Refraction in the Qomolangma Peak Area

The Impact of Sea in the collision of gravity field in the edge of the plate.Level Rise on China's Coastal Areas and Its Disaster Hazard Evaluation
GPS remote sensing atmosphere precipitable water vapor of the error analysis of
permanent tides and Geodetic Datum Geodetic fundamental constants

of Mount Qomolangma crustal movement
China geodetic data processing to the scientific definition of tidal correction calculation of
height anomaly control network by using gravity data to estimate the accuracy assessment of
gravity field, gravity, gravity gradient in Cartesian coordinates in the expression of
on Chinese geocentric 3D coordinate system and tidal correction for discussion of
SRTM3 and GTOP030 terrain data quality assessment of
in Chang'e-1 lunar exploration project in the determination of lunar gravity field

geodetic datum
on me the Doppler network and terrestrial network combined adjustment proposals of China's
GPS leveling network layout and the accuracy of
on the inter level precision geoid implementation of
The Strategy for the Determination of A New Local Geoid in China
China: Main Geodetic Actions 1996-2000
reckons China's high accuracy and high resolution earth geoid several technical problems
Chinese national high precision GPS geodetic control network built
on improving and updating of our gravity measurement
An Improved Local Geoid in the benchmark Qomolangma Peak Area
China high precision, high-resolution geoid research and implementation of
in our country to establish the modern foundation standard on
GPS and GLONASS position
world geodetic coordinate transformation coordinate system of 1984 NEW refined
Chinese geoid
China Sea geoid computation and the mainland geoid splicing research and implementation of
on Chinese geocentric 3D coordinate system of the
improve the geodetic coordinate frame and earth gravity field measurements of
IERS advance in earth reference system, geodetic constants and the implementation of
international terrestrial reference frame 2000 definitions and parameters of
2000 National geodetic control network construction and its technical progress of
geodetic coordinate frame of theory and practice of
on the modernization of Chinese national height control network thinking
about in China to build a global navigation satellite national continuous operating reference station system on
Chinese modern geodetic datum
national surveying and mapping datum "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" Academician Chen Junyong collection academician Chen Junyong in the past 50 years published 80 representative papers, as the first author, covering the geometric geodesy, physical geodesy, geodynamics, geodesy, satellite surveying and mapping, surveying and Mapping Science and technology, to show what he made for the cause of China's surveying and mapping development and surveying and mapping science and technology progress contribution.
academician Chen Junyong anthology for Geodetic teachers and researchers.
4 the determination of lunar gravity field technical requirements of the lunar exploration program and evaluation of 
is determined by the ground tracking lunar satellite observations of deep space network capacity and the following factors of lunar gravity field: the lunar satellite orbit altitude and inclination; the running time of the lunar satellite tracking arc length and lunar satellite; the ground of deep space network tracking lunar satellite sampling rate; the ground of deep space network tracking accuracy.The following combination of Chang'e-1 circular polar orbit satellite are analyzed.4.1 circular polar orbit lunar satellite, the height and the inclination of
in the study of lunar gravity field, because of the sensitive degree of different orbital inclination of satellite gravity field coefficients are different, so usually require emitting a plurality of different angle rings and lunar satellite can obtain more comprehensive lunar gravity field information, only a the moon is very difficult to obtain the overall precision of the lunar gravity field.If only a lunar satellite, the polar circle orbit for lunar gravity field is the best choice, because it can ensure better coverage of the moon.According to the characteristics of
due to gravity with square distance attenuation, so in the detection of the gravity of the moon, lunar satellite height should be as low as possible.Now do a analogy, for 200km and 100km orbit height lunar satellite, the performance of the detection performance of lunar gravity field ring is equivalent to 734km and 367km satellite orbit height of the gravity field of the earth.With the satellite altitude, gravity disturbance acting on the satellites quickly becomes smooth, large amplitude attenuation itself.Specific see Figure 2, bottom are respectively 70km, 100km, 150km and 200km orbit height lunar gravity map, calculated using the LP165p lunar gravity field model.So for the detection of the lunar gravity field satellite, as far as possible to reduce the satellite altitude is very important.4.2 circular polar orbit lunar satellite arc length and the running time of the
if there is no tracking data far moon, only using the observational data of recent moon, so that the maximum tracking arc length can choose to disappear as an arc of satellite, lunar satellite running time is mainly to ensure the observational data of the moon has adequate coverage.In a certain data redundancy, for the calculation of 50 order gravity field goal, at least ensure uniform coverage of 440 arcs, i.e. at least ensure flight 440 times, for the height of the 200km lunar satellite, need at least 40 days running.Similarly, for the calculation of 30 order goal, at least ensure uniform coverage of 260 arcs, for the height of the 200km lunar satellite, it would take at least 24 days running.When the orbit height is reduced to 100km, due to run a lap time is shortened, the time can be shortened to obtain coverage.
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